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A hymn to the Sun

Principina a terra, Grosseto

That area between Grosseto and the sea is a flat land characterized by fertile and sunny soil, definitively cleared of the plague of malaria in the 1920s. Today it welcomes farms engaged in the production of high-quality food such as Hymn to the Sun.


This is the name of the rural building employed for some years to process the milk of buffalo maremmana bred in the surrounding land.The building, carefully renovated by the owners, was built by a great-great-grandfather in the second half of the 1800s.

It is a simple construction, designed to accommodate the factor and the animals.

What was once the barn has now become the milk processing area, while on the first floor is the case's house.

The small store in front of the workshop has been carefully designed and built to welcome guests and is the perfect place to take a short break back from the sea.

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