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Property management

Offering professional housekeeping services means taking care of every detail of the home.

We manage the entire life cycle, from the construction of the property to the original maintenance to the specialized services.

We know the importance of offering professionalism at a high level by employing trained and specialized staff.

Our services

1. Maintenance

Hiring the maintenance service means checking and planning all the facilities interventions necessary to preserve existing heritage and improve its efficiency. We also take care of emergency or overtime interventions, in full compliance with the specific rules and employing specialized teams and trained technical staff.

2. Green Care

The service includes the management and routine maintenance of the greenery, in addition to extraordinary interventions including the removal of radical equipment or the specific treatments of any vegetation pathologies. For the management and maintenance of indoor greenery we propose cutting-edge techniques and solutions, particularly effective in small and air-conditioned spaces, which reduce the need for maintenance and always guarantee a lush effect.

3. Disinfestation

To ensure the health of all environments it is necessary to ensure the absence of weeds. We are able to intervene in a targeted way, using prevention programs, control procedures and pest control treatments, applying what is required by haCCP protocols. We also manage the service of de-radicalization and removal of birds, ensuring safety for the health of the guests and respect for the environment.

4. Heating and conditioning management

Optimizing the energy performances is a decisive element for the management of buildings: concepts such as energy savings and respect for the environment are indispensable strategies for an increasingly sensitive view to green values. Adjusting to state-of-the-art energy standards also offers a projection of economic savings that are often unimaginable.

5. Technical cleaning

To ensure a constant atmosphere of welcome, we develop targeted solutions, integrating cleaning services with specific treatments, which require special attention and professionalism. We take care of the cleaning of facades and glazed surfaces, specific treatments for valuable materials, polishing and restoration of flooring.

6. Logistics

We take care of logistics planning and the realization of movements and removals. We guarantee a quick and efficient service, attention and care in the handling of furniture, documents, objects and technical instruments.

7. Fire prevention system and security

We guarantee, according to current regulations, periodic maintenance and checks on fume and fire detection systems and active and passive safety systems. We also take care of regulatory adjustments of fire closures and escape routes, carrying out inspections and drafting contingency plans and all necessary documentation for fire certification and prevention.

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