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Construction and restoration

Building beautiful houses means connecting people's needs to the surrounding environment.

To overcome time, solid walls that express beauty are needed. Our workers have always worked in team following the established programs. Thanks to their mastery they can also carry out very complex works. Whether it's a new construction or a renovation, we pay attention to details while maintaining the overall vision. This allows us to manage unexpected changes and meet deadlines.

We select reliable suppliers that guarantee the quality of the materials, certifying their performance on site. We carefully adopt state-of-the-art construction techniques because we pay attention to environmental values and continuous improvement.

Integrated planning

The complexity of a construction site can only be managed through careful planning.

Planning allows us to coordinate multiple activities and different resources to achieve the target while respecting the established times and costs. Each project phase is conceived together with the others in an organic way to anticipate and manage the variables and unforeseen events at best.

This means that the masonry, the finishes, the technological systems and the furnishings are evaluated together and before the beginning of the works. This allows us to deliver unique works to customers: beautiful places to live or work. We believe that planning means tracking the route to the desired goal.


The meaning of the furniture changes according to

the space occupied.

For us, furnishing means creating a place that can respond to the desires of those who live there.

We choose with great care among the best European companies that, investing in research and innovation, reflect our quality and aesthetic standards. We can supply tailor-made furnishing solutions that our artisans realize to respond to the particular needs of our customers.

Our exhibition space hosts a selection of products that are an example of how to make special places to live or work. We create unique places.

"Beauty changes the world"

Renzo Piano


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